Thursday, September 27, 2007

Average Jones Ideas

Here are a few ideas for upcoming Average Jones cartoons, complete with years of "official" release.

The Love Potion (1928): Jones sees his lady Penelope in the park, she spurns him for Buster Skull, a big strong man. Jones finds a love potion and trys to get him and Penelope back together again.

Average Jone's Silly Circus (1928): Jones runs a circus but on opening day, his staff needs to be paid, but he has no money, so the staff run out on him. What is Jones going to do?

Jones the Defective Detective (1928): Jones is a detective who tries to catch the mysterious phantom lurking about and murdering people.

Porky Porkers (1929): Jones arrives home drunk, and his wife interrogates him and of course he tells a big lie.

Herd of Cows? (1929): Jones is tired of the noise of the big city, so he and his girlfriend Penelope go and stay at a farm. When they arrive they of course do a bit of chores but when the work is done they sing "Jollity Farm" while the animals dance. Here is what the song sounds like:

A Lot of Bulls! (1929): Jones and Penelope are in Spain and Buster (in spanish dress and accent) challenges Jones to a bullfight!

No Time to Lose! (1930): This is a modern reworking of Punctured Romance, with Jones and Penelope going to a club and singing and dancing but Penelope gets kidnapped yet again!

Jones the Sailor Man (1930): Jones forms a trading company and sails a ship across the Atlantic, but gets taken by pirates!

Nanook of the South (1930): Almondsen Jones explores the north pole and finds a lovely eskimo woman...